and welcome

And now I'm working as a webdesigner, which let me stay in the creative world and keeps me moving to my dream

Actually, ever since I was 14, I've been dreaming of moving to France, even though I knew it was pretty tough for a Ukrainian girl from a middle class family (all thanks to my mum, the strongest women in this world). In the end, apples really can fall to the sky (V.Zeland). Nothing is impossible.
Hi, I'm OLA.
I'm Ukrainian artist based in France.
I've been painting since I was little. My dream was to turn my hobby that I like the most into my job,
but you know... it's a life.
My family thought I should find a job that pays well.
In fact, I was pretty much stubborn about my dream, until one person from the career guidance told me that since I didn't attend an art school (we have those for kids in Ukraine), no university would want to take me as a student.

Just like that I buried my dream.

After I decided to combine my other passion with my family's wishes and I spent five years studying medical-forensic psychology in Poland. I actually finished it, but I ended up burning out. The knowledge I gained helps me a lot even now, but that's not what I want to do in my professional life.

My dream of being an artist was always burning inside me, so I started painting again as a K-pop fan, creating portraits of K-pop idols (this actually helped me a lot to improve my technique).

So, in 2020 I moved to France and started my second studies in Illustration-Comics-Animation 2D. Two pretty intense years...

and then you know... 2022, all went wrong and the world seemed to collapsed, but thanks to the good people around me I was able to graduate.


Kind reminder The war is still going on and Russia kills civilians every day.

Hope you have a great day!